Discover How To Become THE "GoTo" Expert, Authority, Celebrity and Influencer 
In Your Niche...
With Our Proven Bestseller Co-Author System that Saves You Both Time and Money... 

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For Business Owners & Experts

Pete Burdon

2 x International Best Selling Author, Pr and Media Expert

Darren Stephens

Multiple #1 Best selling Author & Entrepreneur
What You Will Learn On This Webinar:
How the System Works
Our programme is well developed with most work being done at our end. We cover this and the role of each co-author.

Why the System Works
We look at how co-authors monetise their profile and status as part of not just any book, but an international bestseller.

Could this Benefit You?
We look at who co-authorship is suited to and how interested people may be able to become part of our next bestseller.

Pete Burdon

Pete's entire career has been dedicated to protecting and growing the reputations of his clients. Before he began publishing bestsellers with the Best and Brightest Business Leaders, he completed Masters Degrees in Journalism and Communication Management from Universities in Australia and New Zealand. 

He began his working life as a daily newspaper reporter before becoming a government press secretary where his one and only role was to generate positive media attention for his minister.

After establishing his own media training business, Pete wrote his first book, "Media Training for Modern Leaders." When he witnessed first-hand the massive benefits of authorship, he began publishing books that were co-authored by the very best leaders from different niches, all guaranteed best sellers. All of Pete's books are published by Australia's largest and most successful publishing company, Global Publishing Group, led by the highly respected Andrew Carter.

The co-authors are usually too busy to write their own books, but are clear leaders in their niches. Co-authorship gives them the best of both worlds. A bestselling book that places them as the clear leader in their niche and all the extra status and income that creates, without sacrificing the time and money involved in sole authorship.

Darren Stephens

Darren is a highly successful author and marketing expert. He has written lots of his own books with a focus on marketing and growing businesses.

He has also published a number of co-authored books with leaders in a variety of niches. These have all been bestsellers and had a huge impact on the businesses of their contributors.

Darren will join Pete on the webinar to share some of these stories and discuss the process and benefits of authorship and co-authorship. 
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